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Fri. Nov 3rd 2017
Important Recall from KIDDE - Fire ExtinguishersKidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles Due to Failure to Discharge and Nozzle Detachment: One Death ReportedKidde plastic handle fire extinguishersName of product: Kidde fire extinguishers with plastic handlesHazard: The fire extinguishe...
Fri. Sep 8th 2017
The Bethesda Fire Department hosts its Annual Open House, Saturday, September 16, from noon to 3:00pm!  Fun for kids and adults!  Fire safety information, static displays, food and drink, games. Awesome fire people and equipment to meet and see up close.  And, maybe some surprise...
Wed. Sep 7th 2016
Fire safety tips .To help us make our homes and families safer. Follow #firesafein31 on Twitter at  @usfire and on Facebook at  www.facebook.com/usfire.For additional fire safety and prevention information, visit  USFA.Partner with us and join the fight at  www.usfa.fema.gov/prev...
Wed. Jul 27th 2016
 According to the report:  An estimated 2,900 clothes dryer fires in residential buildings are reported to U.S. fire departments each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. Clothes dryer fire incidence in residential buildings was higher in th...
Tue. Jun 28th 2016
The Bethesda Fire Department, Inc. is proud to announce the results of the election of its Officers, Board of Directors, and members for its 90th Anniversary Year.  This Board will serve for fiscal years 2017 and 2018 working with County and State officials assisting in providing the finest fir...
Sun. Jun 26th 2016
At the very least, all homes need a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and garage, as well as one near the outdoor grill. Because fire extinguishers are rated based on what type of fire they put out, make sure you have the appropriate one handy. The fire extinguisher's rating system may also affec...
Sun. Jun 26th 2016
Fire safety is a vital concern to everyone.  After a fire strikes, lives are suddenly turned around. Recovering from a fire in your home can be a physically and mentally challenging process for you and your family.  Often, the hardest part is knowing the steps you need to take and whom to ...
Sun. Jun 26th 2016
Watch for the Heat When Having Fun in the Sun!We are all longing for those lazy, hazy days of summer, especially after such a harsh winter. Butbeware! Exposure to extreme heat can make a person seriously ill. The likelihood of sufferinga heat‐related injury depends on factors such as physical ...
Sun. Jun 26th 2016
The Bethesda Fire Department has partnered with MetroAid for the clothing donation initiative.  MetroAid’s mission is to assist MD, DC, and VA charities with raising funds through the sourcing and sale of donated clothing.Your support is great appreciated; please donate your clothing...
Sun. Jun 26th 2016
Our main concern is to keep you informed and protected from fire.  Please see the link below and pass this information to your friends and family.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSJH21WmALc Also, please watch from the link below the short videos and learn how to protect your family from fir...
Sun. May 1st 2016
Someone is calling local citizens and falsely claiming to collect donations for a local fire department.  Residents in Chevy Chase Village and North Bethesda have received calls from someone claiming to be collecting money for the Fire Department or Firefighters.Police in the Village and t...
Thu. Apr 28th 2016
Please learn to prevent fire and protect you family.Meet Dave. A simple and common mistake cost him his home. He is making his amends by spreading this message of awareness to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. http://new.damn.com/house-caught-fire-one-thing/  
Thu. Apr 28th 2016
                 Fire and Rescue personnel are frequently the only smoke alarm “experts” the general public will meet. The department’s Safety in our Neighborhood and After the Fire programs have b...
Thu. Apr 28th 2016
MCFRS has had several significant fires, including some in which people died, where there were no working smoke alarms present.After many of these fires, MCFRS personnel have gone door to door in the impacted neighborhood offering to check smoke alarms and provide safety information.  During th...
Thu. Apr 28th 2016
Submitted by Gail Werner, Town of Somerset Representative to the Bethesda Fire Department, Inc.Is Your Smoke Alarm Protecting You and Your Family?Many of us think that because our smoke alarms are properly installed and we have changed the batteries, they will alert us in time if a fire should ...
Thu. Apr 28th 2016
Bethesda Fire Department, as part of its commitment to community fire safety education, introduces its copyrighted and innovative  NewNNew Normal of Smoke Alarms Program. The purpose of the program is to improve fire safety and save lives that would otherwise be lost to a home fire. Many h...
Wed. Mar 2nd 2016
Amazing view captured by our Station Commander Penny Ingles.Fire Station 20 is one of our stations located at 9041 Old Georgetown Road.  Brightening out Fire Fighters day with a beautiful rainbow overhead!
Sat. Nov 21st 2015
Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!• Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking - frying, broiling or boiling -  at high temperatures.• Make your cooking area safe. Move things that can burn away from the stove. Turn pot handles toward the back so they can’t be bumped.• Watch...
Sat. Sep 5th 2015
On Saturday, September 26, from 12 to 3:30 the Bethesda Fire Department will host an Open House at station #6 on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Bradley Boulevard.Here is an opportunity to have fun and learn fire safety tips that could protect you, your family and your property. Plus you get to s...
Tue. Jul 21st 2015
The Bethesda Fire Department welcomes "Not Your Average Joe's" to 10400 Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda.  We are delighted to recognize your $10,000.00 donation to the NIH Children's Inn, which you raised since your arrival.
Mon. Jul 6th 2015
A mother and her daughter were electrocuted Saturday on a stairwell outside a Chevy Chase home.According to Montgomery County authorities, an occupant at a home on the 8800 block of Connecticut Avenue came home to find a 29-year-old woman and her 4-year-old daughter unconscious on a stairwell leadin...
Tue. May 12th 2015
"Lt. Kevin McRae was a true hero. For more than two decades he served his city with distinction and made the ultimate sacrifice while helping others. Lt. McRae may be gone, but he will never be forgotten," said Mayor Muriel Bowser. At about 8:15 a.m. Wednesday, May 6th, Lt. McRae resp...
Mon. May 4th 2015
The two fires Saturday and Sunday caused an estimated total of $100,000 in damage.  Please see link below for more details.http://www.bethesdamagazine.com/Bethesda-Beat/2015/Fires-Damage-Bethesda-House-Gaithersburg-School-Over-the-Weekend/  
Tue. Apr 14th 2015
Phase III (final part of the project at Fire Station 20).  We will continue to provide the modern facilities and equipment to the Firefighters that would allow them to rest and physically train. This is the Bethesda Fire Department's (BFD) major contribution to all of our fire fighters. Ove...
Sat. Feb 7th 2015
   Many of our stately old homes were built with "balloon frame" construction. This means that there are few, or NO, fire-stops between the floors. Open channels between the vertical wall studs, sometimes with little or no insulation, are wide-open from the basement to the attic....
Fri. Jan 16th 2015
The U.S. Fire Administration has released an updated report on home fires. From 2010-2012, an estimated 366,900 residential building fires were annually reported to U.S. fire departments. These fires caused an estimated 2,465 deaths, 13,400 injuries and $7 billion in property loss. Download the free...
Thu. Jan 15th 2015
The Bethesda Fire Department (BFD) is saddened by the sudden passing of Donald M. Weinroth, on Thursday, January 8, 2015.Mr. Weinroth served on BFD’s Board of Directors for over 20 years.  His keen sense of understanding and appreciation for the dynamic changes occurring in the Bethesda/C...
Mon. Jan 5th 2015
Volunteers and Firefighters from the Bethesda Fire Department delivered the toys donated by many kind and thoughtful residents to the children that needed our support through this difficult time.On behalf of all the children that were smiling on Christmas morning, thank you for your support.&nb...
Tue. Dec 9th 2014
Recognizing the dramatic growth in recent years of the Bethesda Chevy Chase region, the Bethesda Fire Department convened two public meetings (September 11th and 18th) at Fire Station 6 to explain the process it has undertaken to address the evolving needs of Fire Stations 6, 20 and 26.  In an ...
Mon. Dec 8th 2014
The Fitz File: July 25, 2014Posted: Jul 25, 2014 8:20 AM EDTUpdated: Jul 25, 2014 9:57 AM EDTThe Bethesda Fire Department’s Station 6 sits at Bradley Boulevard and Wisconsin Avenue. It's one of the most valuable pieces of property in Montgomery Co. But the firefighters say their station ho...
57 entries the in News